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Diddy & His BEAUTIFUL Babygirls!!

Mariah Carey feat. Puff Daddy, Mase, & The Lox, “Honey” (BadBoy Remix)

Puffy Combs looks visibly exhausted in his family video posted to Twitter earlier today

Diddy posted a personal family video to his Twitter account today from his home in Beverly Hills, CA where he shared a heartwarming moment of happiness with his 3 beautiful daughters, Jesse, solo in the bottom bunk at one point, later seen standing behind the son of late Mom Kim Porter’s close family friend, Roxy Bacardi, & D’Lila & older sister Chance seen together in the top bunk. 

“…this is like the illest the illest thing I’ve ever been through…”

Sean “P. Diddy” Combs reflecting on his the life changing passing of his longtime on-again, off-again girlfriend/fiance, & Mother to 4 of his 6 kids, including Quincy Brown whose biological Father is R&B crooner, Al B. Sure.

Puff is asking the girls what they want to do this weekend, intimating he may take them to go Paintballing this weekend.  He then wants to know who the winner of the recent gingerbread contest was, & in true kid fashion, they all answered to winning over the others, but just shared the laugh with one another.   Astonishingly, Diddy has the girls explain to him the nature of the food fast/body cleanse they are going to be embarking on, & offers the girls his support & also participation. 

Access Puffy‘s Twitter account, embedded below, to see the full-video of him at home with his beautiful girls.  This family has been through A LOT with the passing of Kim Porter, who was literally the glue that kept them a family unit, despite adversity.  Kim’s children, Quincy Brown, Christian Combs, & twins D’Lila & Jesse are constantly on my mind hoping & praying for 

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