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LUV on Top, OTRII, Los Angeles (right) & Managing Contributor, MarcRashad would like to send condolences, prayers, & thoughts to the phenomenal Actress, Lauren London, & family in the wake of the murder of Grammy-nominated hip-hop artist, Nipsey Hussle, who was killed in the Hyde Park area of Los Angeles, a few weeks ago. By hap & circumstance, I was merely a few blocks away at a pool party at the time of the murder. My friend & I left the party a bit early and ended up caught in a barrage of traffic on Crenshaw Blvd., which was totally out of the ordinary for a Sunday afternoon at that time. It was like the let out for a Beyonce concert, literally just sitting, not able to move a lot at all. Once we found an opening we were able to get ourselves out of the thickness, only to then hear the news regarding the most current upsetting devastation to the hip-hop culture, that had just taken place — steps from where we were sitting.

As being a hip-hop head, and almost historian in some cases, I always had an affection for the love between Lauren and Nipsey, which always seemed passionate, and the union of 2 soulmates finding their better half. In that, I wanted to do a tribute to their love, vs the regular rundown of the details, that can be found on any blog or media outlet across the world right now. Please enjoy what I’ve put together, nothing major, just my way of expressing deep condolences to Lauren, her son, & Nipsey’s entire family and friends as well.

RIP Nipsey Hussle, I hope that someone with your tenacity and vision can step up and carry on your work to better the community that your life fell victim to. [LOVE]

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